In Day

In Day

Create waves of peace from each person

Brazil Seikyo Edition 2239 – Published in 16 / August / 2014 – Page A2
By Daisaku Ikeda

SGI is joyful because its members are strong, independent and full of hope and courage. In the photo, a member of SGI, Japan, in June
Turn the voice of the people in power

Peace must prevail without fail. You must make common principles of humanity convictions: “Never will promote the war” and also “will prevent the make.”
There is a saying in Latin that says: “If you want peace, prepare for war” (Si vis pacem, para bellum).
Nevertheless, we strongly dispute that. The correct is: “If you want peace, prepare for peace.” And what does “prepare for peace”? Means gathering the voice of the people of the people who want peace. The voice of young people driven by a great passion in particular is true strength.
Nichiren Daishonin states: “The wheels have those wise kings when they arise in the world, their” treasures of the wheel “, are the words and sounds that we ourselves utter” (GZ, p 733.).
The “voice” are the “treasures of the wheel.” Using this “weapon of non-violence”, “gun culture”, we must make this 21st century the “century of peace” and the “century of the dignity of life.”
The key to everything is in the hands of human beings

Who destroys peace are humans, but they are also the build. The key to the solution of all is totally in the hands of humans.
Therefore, we chose to fight “the evil nature inherent” to human life and the path that develops over the life of the Buddha called the supreme good. That’s because this path of human revolution is precisely the way to peace.
Peace is not in some distant and unattainable place.
In the location where you are now, meet with friends and persevere in dialogue imbued with sincerity; no effort to cherish each person – this is how comes the rising tide of great peace.
In particular, the “dialogue of life to life” promoted by wise women is undoubtedly the largest and most decisive driving force for this.
Youth shared joy with others

Daishonin stated: “The various sufferings by which any living being passes, all are the sufferings of Nichiren” (GZ, p 758.).
What a great pity! Buddhism is nothing more than the supreme law of the “benevolence”.
Through prayer to the Gohonzon and dedication on behalf of kosen-rufu imbued with courage is possible to show the condition of life of deep consideration for the other.
Should never build their own happiness on the unhappiness of someone.
Advance by way of youth in which both yourselves as others around resplendent with joy.
Oh, you, young man who has the philosophy of the dignity of life! Extend the light of encouragement and hope to all fellow sufferers amid his troubles! Make this planet shine like a star of peace through friendship of you!
by Adrian Marcelo Riancho Costa

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