The charms of Buddhist Philosophy – For Beginners

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The charms of Buddhist Philosophy – For Beginners

You are a philosopher of happiness
Edition 2239 – Published in 16 / August / 2014 – Page A7
By incorporating the Buddhist philosophical principles, you become skilled at solving problems and live happily

“Those who study Buddhism is a philosopher, because philosophy is the wisdom to live in the best way.”
This phrase of President Ikeda shows that the worldwide movement study of Buddhism promoted by SGI is the driving force of the organization.


SGI members are served in the most refined philosophy. Even without noticing, constantly learning principles, concepts, theories and read texts and more texts with the charming and profound vision of life taught by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda Dr..
A lady remarked to the second president of the Soka Gakkai, Josei Toda, who despite worshiping explanations, forgot everything when I got home.
He said: “No matter how many times the lady forget, if you keep attending and listening to these explanations, indestructible remain in your life. This intangible accumulation will become a source of great strength to the lady “(BS, ed. 2,090 2 July 2011, p. A4).
It is NOT “rote”

We study Buddhism to accumulate this “indestructible” and use it on real challenges. Therefore, the Buddhist study is not “rote”, much less “empty intelligentsia”. President Ikeda explains that the SGI practice the “kyogaku action,” the study in action.

“The study of Buddhism taught by President Toda was always the ‘study of Buddhism in practice’ and ‘study of Buddhism by kosen-rufu.”
“I ask that, more than ever, all study and learn the most justice of Buddhism and build the primary point of eternal life never to be defeated or departing from the faith” (BS, ed. 2,238 9 August 2014 p. A2).

Facing a financial problem, for example, what concept should I implement? What is the vision of President Ikeda? As the Master thought and acted as he passed it? This is the “kyogaku action” – you study incorporates Buddhism and apply. Studied Buddhahood to manifest it here and now; studied about shakubuku to shakubuku. Simultaneously, the study strengthens the faith and practice and hence boosts the energy born of victory.

Why, for example, studying the “three obstacles and four devils”? Does not matter much if you memorized the name of every one of them. What matters is to assimilate that each is a negative force that appears to get him out of the way of happiness.
To feel the impact of a wrong, you remember what you learned and reacts: “It is one of four devils! There is no reason to despair. I refuse to be discouraged by this force because Buddhism teaches that it is time to rejoice and now even start a battle with faith chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with much enthusiasm. ”
React well guarantee victory because the study is the foundation of faith for you to act that will surely triumph.


The Master teaches: “By incorporating the deep philosophical principles, acquired solid conviction that hope and peace reside in our own hearts, and dedicated to the own happiness and that of others. The study brings forth the courage to face difficulties by example Nichiren, who triumphed over enormous obstacles and trials. That is the key Buddhist practical study: a study that applies to everyday life. Always bear this in mind “(TC, ed. 485, jan., 2009, p. 54th).

by Adrian Marcelo Riancho Costa

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