September 28

September 28

TO get the results you are praying for, it is crucial to make determined, single-minded efforts towards that goal. That is the true path of manifesting faith in daily life. Those of you who proceed along this path day after day, year after year, will develop without fail – just like saplings growing into mighty trees – into people of outstanding strength and character as time goes by.

Daisaku Ikeda.

September 28

Faith means making a hundred percent effort ourselves–in our daimoku and in our actions. When we practice in this way, the Buddhist gods will lend us their protection. We mustn’t have a complacent, dependent attitude in faith, chanting haphazardly without definite goals and making only halfhearted efforts in the belief that we’ll automatically be protected. Depth of determination and unshakable character are vital. Those possessing these qualities are second to none in faith.

Daisaku Ikeda,

THE great champion of American Civil Rights Movement, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, declared: “Religion endows us with the conviction that we are not alone in this vast, uncertain universe.” True religion teaches the basic principles of the universe; it teaches the eternity of life and a firm purpose for living. If we understand the true essence of life, we will never suffer from a sense of being alone in this universe.

WHEN you spend all your money, it is gone. Material things break, and they cannot enrich your self in any real, lasting sense. But the more you cultivate your innate individuality, the richer it becomes; the more you use and give expression to it, the richer it becomes. It never diminishes or disappears. Each of you possesses this wonderful treasure inside you. Life is the struggle to make that precious treasure shine.

AN adversary seeks out his opponents’ weak spots. The same is true in Buddhism. If our faith is weak, if we lack courage, if there are too few dedicated members, if we have no unity – that is the place negative forces will strike. They will not attack those areas where they know our defence is strong. That is why it is important to always be ready with strong faith, on every front.

EACH and every one of our daily activities, our spiritual battle for kosen-rufu may be thought of as one tiny seed. Eventually, each seed will send out a sprout, leaves will unfold. And one day the time will come when rich fruit ripens and it grows into a tall tree. We should not expect large rewards in a short time or be too eager for success. It takes time to grow and nurture into greatness.

YOU should be deeply aware that our battle for kosen-rufu, the will of Nichiren Daishonin, is an endless succession of obstacles, and severe struggles. If you pursue nothing but benefit with an easy going attitude, or if you practice faith in a passive, uneventful way, avoiding any kind of pain or challenge, you will never accomplish anything great.

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