December 11

December 11

When you feel demoralized in the face of continuous hardships in life, breathe deeply and look at the sky. The splendor and the energy of the sun will surely give you courage.

Daisaku Ikeda


December 11

President Toda used to say, “Become individuals who are strong physically, intellectually and spiritually.” To be strong in all three areas is the ideal. Many people may be strong in one or two of these areas, but only when all three are combined can we enjoy a well-balanced life, a life of resounding victory. Those who cultivate such all-around strength are never defeated.

Daisaku Ikeda,

December 11

Over and over I recall the moment, unforgettable even now, when I was about to be beheaded and you accompanied me, holding the reins of my horse and weeping tears of grief. Nor could I ever forget it in any lifetime to come. If you should fall into hell for some grave offense, no matter how Shakyamuni might urge me to become a Buddha, I would refuse; I would rather go to hell with you. For if you and I should fall into hell together, we would find Shakyamuni Buddha and the Lotus Sutra there.

(The Three Kinds of Treasure. WND pg 850)

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