For Today and Tomorrow ~ Daily Encouragement By Daisaku Ikeda Saturday, January 24, 2014:

January 24

FAITH enables us to transform not only our day to day problems but our lives at their very foundation. Through the Buddhist practice, we can develop a strong inner core and a solid and inexhaustible reservoir of good fortune.

Daisaku Ikeda.

January 24

As long as we are conditioned by the appearances and opinions of others, we will never be calm, because we are at the mercy of events and without a reference. If we let ourselves be overwhelmed by uncertainty, we turn to emptiness, and concerns take precedence. A firm determination will allow us to stay on course toward hope and happiness

Daisaku Ikeda.

For Today and Tomorrow ~
Daily Encouragement By Daisaku Ikeda
Saturday, January 24, 2014:

“We use our voices not only to chant daimoku but to guide, encourage and introduce others to the Daishonin’s Buddhism. Our voice, therefore, is very important. An angry voice, a coarse voice, a cold voice, an imperious voice–none of these will communicate how wonderful Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism is. I would like you to be humanistic leaders who can encourage others with bright warm voices, so that they will say, “What a lovely voice!” and “I’m always so inspired when I hear you speak.” Becoming this kind of leader is one actual proof of your human revolution.”

NOTHING is more noble than a life dedicated to kosen-rufu. Such people are devoted not only to their own happiness but also that of others. They enjoy good health and a fulfilling life. They accumulate boundless good fortune and benefit. This is the ultimate way of life. And it is the absolute promise of Nichiren Daishonin, the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law.

ONE must not be so narrow-minded as to seek only to increase one’s strength or exhibit one’s capability. Doing so will obstruct the flow of kosen-rufu. The way to bring about a dynamic and powerful advances of kosen-rufu, like waves building upon waves lies in finding capable people, raising them and diverting them towards the goal of kosen-rufu.

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