Thursday 29th January

29th January
AT its most fundamental essence, religion is commitment – commitment to saving people from suffering. True religion strives to instil that commitment in people’s lives. Education, meanwhile, fosters people through widely accessible and universal knowledge. Without both religion and education, the correct path for humanity cannot be completed.

THE important thing is to have resolute faith, to have the courage not to fear anything. A strong person is happy. A weak person who is swayed by the slightest thing is miserable. A cowardly person who fails to fight back against evil cannot gain the great benefit of the Law.

HOPE is born of difficult struggles. It comes from the courage and passion to spare no effort. Passiveness and inertia are enemies of hope. To live one’s life passively and from force of habits is to allow oneself to drift towards unhappiness.

EVEN if you are in a quiet, unsung little corner of the world, you are advancing in your own way towards making your life a good one and the society in which you live a better place and you are sincerely praying and working for kosen-rufu. This is a practising Buddhist’s purpose in life and this sincerity is what is most important.

ARROGANCE is a degradation of one’s life while pride in the Lotus Sutra is an expression of one’s seeking spirit.

NOTE: by …Visit for Nichiren Daishonin’s gosho, On Rebuking Slander of the Law and Eradicating Sins.

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