Your self-awakening will decide the number of Daimoku you chant. To chant the Daimoku is the basis for your development and happiness, both physically and mentally.

Guidance Memo, p. 179 (1966)


It is important to participate in meetings for the sake of kosen-rufu. It is also important to encourage others to do the same. The benefit of such efforts is great, for within them lies the path of kosen-rufu.

Daily Guidance, V.2 (1983)


A person stops practicing because [they are] controlled by [their] own narrow-mindedness, shallow attachment, arrogance, ill feelings toward other believers or selfish desire. No matter how strong your faith may appear to be now, if you discard it at some point in your life, your faith cannot be said to have been true.

Daily Guidance V.3 (1986)


When you devote yourself to chanting daimoku with strong faith, you can develop the capacity to respect one another and help each other’s life condition expand like the vast sky. With such a supreme life-condition, your life will be totally free from any form of unhappiness that arises from conflicts based upon a small-minded ego or ill feelings toward others.

Daily Guidance, V.4 (1989)

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