Our bodies are our most important possession, so let’s take care of our health in every way possible. Continued good health is the wellspring of our activities for Kosen-rufu. We should also make our homes safe against fires and other accidents.

Daily Guidance, V.1 (1976)


Human beings are equally the children of Nichiren Daishonin. Among them, we have the supreme blessing of being able to embrace the Gohonzon sooner than others. There is absolutely no way that we, children and disciples of Nichiren Daishonin, could fail to attain happiness.

Daily Guidance, V.2 (1983)


My most heartfelt wish and prayer is that you will cherish your life, firmly embrace the Gohonzon, and never stray from the way of faith and the way of kosen-rufu so that you will have no regrets about your life in the future.

Daily Guidance V.3 (1986)


The way to eternal, absolute happiness, which we call “enlightenment,” is not expounded in any of the provisional teachings of Buddhism. Nor is it expounded in any philosophy or field of study. It only exists within your strong faith in and practice to the Gohonzon and within your powerful action for kosen-rufu. Be deeply convinced of this.

Daily Guidance, V.4 (1989)

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