February 20, 2015

February 20, 2015

——————— *ESSENTIALS FOR LEADERSHIP* —————————–

The first requirement for leaders is absolute faith. Absolute faith means declaring the benefits of the Gohonzon, even in the face of great obstacles, so that the Daishonin’s Buddhism will spread, as well as realizing that this is your fundamental mission.
Second is a sense of responsibility. A leader should love his members, protect them and encourage them warmly. He is responsible for their happiness. His sense of responsibility is deepened by his affection, so that whatever obstacles they meet, the leader will feel, “I’ll never let my members down.” Being irresponsible shows a lack of mercy.
Thirdly, a leader must be broad-minded. He should be capable of understanding his members’ individual situations, putting himself in their place. He should have the determination to hear any problem and guide any type of person to establish firm faith and become happy. The sutra calls this “donning the robe of gentleness and forbearance.”
Fourthly, leaders need to be impartial. They must not be swayed by their feelings or by personal considerations. They should give a fair hearing to reasonable suggestions, but firmly protect mistaken views or emotionalism, even that of seniors.
Leaders should not cater to people who flatter them. One who cannot spot cheap tricks, lies and sneakiness is not a great leader. A good leader can tell how hard each of his members is working for kosen-rufu, even if their efforts are inconspicuous. He can put the right person in the right place.
Finally, leaders need self-confidence. Self-confidence includes determination, courage and decisiveness. A leader must have the self-confidence to protect his members, give them hope and enable them to advance cheerfully. (GM ch.1 p12-14)

*GM. Refers to Guidance Memo*
The World Tribune Press 1975
*Chapter One: Leaders
Daisaku Ikeda

*Guidance in1975, hold true today, in 2015*

Daily Encouragement
February 20, 2015

IN HIS LATER YEARS, PRESIDENT TODA often told his disciples: “Be courageous in faith! No matter what other people may say, advance boldly! Lead confident lives! Make courage the Gakkai’s eternal emblem!” This was the spirit with which he charged us before he died. Faith is the source of true strength and courage. Without courage and confidence we cannot be said to have genuine faith.

For Today & Tomorrow
Daisaku Ikeda

*Dance of Kosen-Rufu*
February 20, 2015

— ” ON Establishing the Four Bodhisattvas as the Object of Devotion ” —

From a mundane view, I am the poorest person in Japan, but in the light of Buddhism, I am the wealthiest person in all Jambudvipa [ the entire world ]
When I consider that this is all because the time is right, I am overwhelmed with joy and cannot restrain my tears. It is impossible to repay my debt of gratitude to Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings. (WND-1, 977)


A person’s true wealth is not determined by money or status but by their inner state of life.
We, who follow Nichiren’s lead in upholding and practicing the Mystic Law, area also the wealthiest people in all the world. An indestructible Soka Gakkai has been built by ordinary people whose hearts are filled with the joy of propagating the Law.
Let’s confidently continue to spread Nichiren Buddhism, with the happy pride of those who possess unsurpassed inner riches.

*WND. Refers to the Writing of Nichiren Daishonin*
“Dance of Kosen-Rufu” Chap-6, p. 148~149
Daisaku Ikeda

Daily Wisdom

From the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
Friday, February 20, 2015

Even an ignorant person can obtain blessings by serving someone who expounds the Lotus Sutra. No matter if he is a demon or an animal, if someone proclaims even a single verse or phrase of the Lotus Sutra, you must respect him as you would the Buddha. This is what the sutra means when it says, “You should rise and greet him from afar, showing him the same respect you would a Buddha.” You should respect one another as Shakyamuni and Many Treasures did at the ceremony in the “Treasure Tower” chapter.

(WND, 757)
The Fourteen Slanders
Written to the lay priest Matsuno Rokuro Saemon on December 9, 1276

Buddhism Day by Day
February 20, 2015

When we plant the seeds of self-doubt, only noxious weeds sprout. When we limit ourselves with low expectations, the growth of the tree of happiness immediately ceases. The power of growth, of improvement, the power to overcome all stagnation and break through every obstacles and transform a barren wasteland into a verdant field — that unstoppable power of hope resides right there in your own heart. It will well up from the rich earth of your innermost being when you face the future without doubt or fear: “I can do more I can grow. I can become a bigger and better human being” — life and faith are a never-ending struggle to grow.

Wisdom for Modern Life
Daisaku Ikeda

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