Thursday 19th February

19th February
A seeking spirit means taking action. Embracing the Gohonzon, doing gongyo and chanting daimoku to the Gohonzon are all actions which reflect one’s seeking mind. Moreover, reading the gosho; attending meetings, whether large or small; and receiving guidance are, in a similar sense, expressions of one’s seeking spirit.
FAITH is the greatest joy there is. The ‘Buddhism of joy’ enables us to live each day with excitement, as though we were on an enjoyable journey, arm in arm with dear friends. There is no need whatsoever for us to have to experience undue pressures, or to get caught up in extreme formalism, on account of faith.
WE must continually grow – from the self of yesterday to the self of today, and from the self of today to the self of tomorrow. It is precisely in so doing that we are able to inspire courage and hope in others and guide them towards victory.
THE Gohonzon encompasses the entire universe. Therefore, we who believe on and chant daimoku to the Gohonzon can live out our lives with the greatest serenity and composure. Please be confident that through faith in the Mystic Law we can definitely lead a wonderful and unsurpassed existence.
WE can never rectify the folly of endless feuding, hatred and killing taking place on this small planet of ours and make it a place where all can live in peace and happiness until we firmly embrace a correct view of the universe, of life and philosophy based on a cosmic perspective.
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February 19, 2015

The struggles we undergo for the sake of kosen-rufu will all become fortune that adorns our lives.
Remember, “Where there is unseen virtue, there is visible reward.”(*)
Whether anyone is watching or not, let’s cheerfully go forth and stay true to our vow.

(*)”Unseen Virtue and Visible Reward,” WND I p. 907

Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.

*Dance of Kosen-Rufu*
February 19, 2015

——————————- ” Reply to Hakiri Saburo” —————————-

The heart of the Lotus Sutra is the revelation that one may attain sypreme enlightenment in one’s present form without altering one’s status as an ordinary person. This means that without casting aside one’s karmic impediments one can still attain the Buddha way.

——————————– JUST AS WE ARE ————————————

The purpose of Nichiren Buddhism is to enable us to shine with supreme humanity; it is not for us to become someone or something special, other than who we are.
The Lotus Sutra teaches that we can attain Buddhahood in our present form, just as we are. When we earnestly practice Nichiren Buddhism just as we are, wisdom and power equal to that of the Buddha will well forth from within our lives.

*WND. Refers to the Writing of Nichiren Daishonin*
“Dance of Kosen-Rufu” Chap-6, p. 146~147
Daisaku Ikeda

Daily Wisdom

From the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
Thursday, February 19, 2015

Be sure to strengthen your faith, and receive the protection of Shakyamuni, Many Treasures, and the Buddhas of the ten directions. Exert yourself in the two ways of practice and study. Without practice and study, there can be no Buddhism. You must not only persevere yourself; you must also teach others. Both practice and study arise from faith. Teach others to the best of your ability, even if it is only a single sentence or phrase.

(WND, 386)
The True Aspect of All Phenomena
Written to Sairen-bo Nichijo on May 17, 1272

Daily Encouragement
February 19, 2015

irreplaceable. To live without regret, it is crucial for us to a have a concrete purpose and continually set goals and challenges for ourselves. It is equally important that we keep moving toward specific targets steadily and tenaciously, one step at a time.

For Today & Tomorrow
Daisaku Ikeda

Buddhism Day by Day
February 19, 2015

CHANG-AN writes, “If one befriends another person but lacks the mercy to correct him, one is in fact his enemy.” The consequences of a grave offense are extremely difficult to erase. The most important thing is to continually strengthen our wish to benefit others.

Wisdom for Modern Life
Daisaku Ikeda

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