Buddhism Day by Day February 21, 2015

Buddhism Day by Day
February 21, 2015

THERE is not way of life more desolate or more pitiful than one of ignorance of the fundamental joy that issues from the struggle to generate and regenerate one’s own life from within. To be human is much more than the mere biological facts of standing erect and exercising reason and intelligence. The full and genuine meaning of our humanity is found in tapping the creative fonts of life itself.

Wisdom for Modern Life
Daisaku Ikeda

Daily Encouragement
February 21, 2015

Friendship, camaraderie and unity in faith lie at the heart of the SGI. They come before the organization. We must never make the mistake of thinking that it is the other way around. The organization serves as a means for deepening friendship, comradeship and faith. To confuse the means and the end is a terrible mistake.

For Today & Tomorrow
Daisaku Ikeda

*Light Of Fortune*
February 21, 2015

——- ” Conversations between a Sage and an Unenlightened Man ” ——–

When one carries out the single practice of exercising faith in
Myoho-renge-kyo, there are no blessings that fail to come to one,
and no good karma that does not begin to work on one’s behalf.
(WND-1, 133)


Our Efforts to chant and spread Nam-myoho-renge-kyo produce myriad benefits and good causes, which multiply boundlessly when we all unite together in the shared prayer and aspiration for kosen-rufu. Not a single effort we put into our SGI activities is ever wasted.
That is why it’s important that we bravely move forward based on faith
and practice when we face obstacles or problems. Let’s not forget that
we can open the path to victory where we are right now through having
the courage to take action.

*WND. Refers to the Writing of Nichiren Daishonin*
“Light of Fortune” Chap-7, p. 152~153
Daisaku Ikeda

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