March 25, 2015 –TO MY FRIENDS–

Wednesday, 25th March

THE spirit of mutual respect is the essence of Buddhist humanism. It is the profound teaching of Shakyamuni and Nichiren Daishonin. It is the light of hope that can transform the cycle of war and violence. The significance of your efforts to widely communicate the teachings of Buddhism is immense indeed.

BUDDHISM is concerned with reality. There is no such thing as Buddhism divorced from reality. Practising faith does not mean that your life will be free of the “mud” of suffering. It means acquiring the life force not to be defeated by suffering. In fact, it is necessary to have lots of struggles. Faith means developing the state of life to be able to enjoy even the challenge of facing and overcoming our hardships.

THOSE who toil in the shadows, enduring hardships unselfishly for the sake of kosen-rufu are truly respectworthy. You must put your whole heart into your efforts for kosen-rufu, sincerely and honestly. Such a spirit will surely reach the Gohonzon.

BUDDHIST believers who live with a sense of mission are never alone when they walk or involve themselves in any activity. They are surrounded by the four bodhisattvas who are always with them. These bodhisattvas are your allies. They will always protect you. I want you to be deeply convinced of this fact.

I hope the members of the youth division will forge ahead courageously along the great road to kosen-rufu and the correct path of faith. While basing yourselves on the Gohonzon, please advance towards kosen-rufu, the will of Nichiren Daishonin, and live the days of your youth most meaningfully.

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March 25, 2015
To our fellow members of great Kyushu(*)
who brim with the shared vow of mentor and disciple!
I ask you to stand boldly in the vanguard
with the heroic roar of a lion!
May the “land of fire” of Japanese legend
reverberate with your jubilant cheers!
(*) the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands
Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.

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