March 28th , 2015 –TO MY FRIENDS–

28th March

BEFORE you complain, challenge the walls in front of you. This is the courageous way of fighting for kosen-rufu and the spirit of human revolution.

THE Devil of Sixth Heaven is the devilish function of life that manipulates people’s hearts and attempts to dominate their lives as well. All living beings are influenced by the functions of the devil king, and wander about in the state of endless suffering. By what means can we bring this evil cycle to a halt? This is possible only through strong faith in the Gohonzon, which is the Lotus Sutra of Latter Day of the Law.

THE person who does not allow himself/herself to be distracted by little things but continues trying is already living in the dimension of eternity. The lazy person who is defeated by his/her own weakness and desires is already approaching spiritual death.

THOSE who tenaciously persevere in faith will definitely succeed on establishing happy lives. We can transform all our hardships and sufferings into causes for happiness – changing poison into medicine. All of our efforts will become the fuel that propels us towards attaining a state of life in which we enjoy unsurpassed happiness in lifetime after lifetime; they will become joyful memories of our existence in this world.

FAITH equals daily life. Buddhism is manifested in society. Our day-to-day conduct and our steady daily efforts are important. Just believing that everything will be all right as long as we chant daimoku is not the correct attitude of a genuine Buddhist. Buddhism is the law of cause and effect. The benefit of daimoku really comes to shine when we study hard, make efforts, and do our best in all endeavours. And our earnest daimoku is what fuels those actions.

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March 28 , 2015

Take precautions to prevent
car accidents!
Devilish functions will vie to
take advantage the moment
you let down your guard due
to fatigue or carelessness.
Let’s remind one another to be
careful when driving and make
safety an absolute priority.

Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.

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