–TO MY FRIENDS–April 2, 2015

Thursday, 2nd April

PRESIDENT TODA once said to me, “Nothing is more frightening than human jealousy. Nothing is more fearful than the evil and destructive forces that reside in the human heart. For that reason, you must become strong. You must live with such conviction that you have no regrets!” I would like to present these words to the members of the Youth Division, whom I cherish deeply. I call on you, “Uphold the banner of truth and justice! Always be courageous!”

FAME, social status, material wealth, knowledge – all are ephemeral and powerless in the face of death’s inexorable reality. When we believe in the Mystic Law, we can make the final moment a majestic conclusion to a wonderful life and at the same time a fresh departure for our next wonderful existence, without death being a cause of suffering.

BENEFIT rapidly accumulates in the lives of those who possess a mind of faith that sincerely yearns for kosen-rufu, as if retained in a seamless vessel fashioned of gold. If one does not have a firm mind of faith, however, no matter what efforts one makes, all of one’s good fortune will trickle away, as if in a vessel filled with holes.

THE time changes quickly, and what has hitherto passes for common sense soon becomes absolute. Therefore, in promoting kosen-rufu, the wisdom to continually create new value is indispensable. At the same time, you must acquire the wisdom to use fresh and vivid expressions, and make Buddhism live in the context of society.

FOR a person who embraces the Mystic Law, confronting and overcoming great difficulties causes his/her bad karma to manifest and then be eliminated. We should have absolute confidence in the great power of the Gohonzon which enables us to definitely overcome whatever obstacle we may encounter.

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April 2, 2015

Make the impossible possible!
That is the strategy of the Lotus Sutra.
Ever-victorious Kansai, looked up to
with admiration by people worldwide–
stand up with indomitable faith!
Advance along the great path of
the shared commitment of the
oneness of mentor and disciple!

Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.

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