Saturday, April 11th, 2015

THE real greatness of human beings lies not in being active on the gorgeous stages. A person who lives his/her life to fulfil his/her own mission, whether in a remote region or in some inconspicuous field of society, is the most valuable person.

IN every field, there is shallow and profound. It is the same in life. Do you live for yourself alone, or for a greater purpose and value? It is easy to live thinking only of yourself. But to live for a greater ideal requires steadfast commitment and courage. The question is whether you have that determination and courage or not. In that is revealed your true worth as a person.

JUST being good-natured is not enough. In the final analysis, if you are good-natured but fail to combat injustice, you cannot protect the people. Instead, you will tend to be taken lightly, enabling those who perpetrate injustice to only grow stronger.

IF we do not read books, our brains and minds go uncultivated. Visual images alone are too transitory, too shallow, to cultivate our mental powers. On the other hand, if we do read books but only mindless ones, we will become mindless people. Making an effort to read good books is very important.

COWARDICE is also the fundamental nature of all those who have betrayed the SGI over the years. There is no more pitiful characteristic for a human being to possess than cowardice.

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When youth take action,
the times will change
without fail and a new history
will be born.
In the face of any challenge,
deeply resolve to not be disheartened
and charge forth with indomitable courage!

Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.

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