Buddhism Day by Day, Thursday 16th April

THE foundation of health is strong faith, which enables us to draw forth strong life force, triumph over harmful, negative forces and transform our karma. Nichiren Daishonin famously declared, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?” (WND, p412)

IN all things, patience is the key to victory. Those who cannot endure cannot hope to win. Ultimate triumph belongs to those who can forebear.

THE way of mentor and disciple means an absolute commitment. A person who is all words and no action can never understand this fact. It is a solemn and exacting relationship. It is a matter of one’s mind. The extent to which you can tap the infinite power of the Mystic Law is also determined by your mind, or attitude, in faith.

ALL things have their appointed time – cherry trees flower in the spring, and leaves turn crimson-red in the autumn. For better or worse, no one can escape the rhythm of time. What we can do is to perceive the nature of the present time.

IT is no easy feat for a seed which has been planted in one life to blossom into huge flower of happiness and bear the fruit of Buddhahood. To nurture our seed of Buddhahood, we must do daily gongyo and chant daimoku, receive correct guidance and encouragement, and study the gosho.

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Buddhism Day by Day
April 16, 2015

UNLESS ACTED ON, even the ideal of reverence for life can end up being a mere slogan without the power to transform reality. It must, therefore, be established as a genuine philosophy in our hearts and in the hearts of others. We must put this philosophy into practice through concrete actions for peace, working one step at a time toward its realization.

Wisdom for Modern Life
Daisaku Ikeda

Daily Encouragement
April 16, 2015

SPENDING OUR TIME Doing What We Please May Bring Us Momentary Pleasures, but it will not bring us true and lasting joy. We cannot become artists or great actors of life — we cannot become great human beings.
LITERATURE, MUSIC AND DRAMA Are All to be Found in our Activities for Faith — in our PRAYERS, our challenges to develop ourselves through SGI activities and our efforts to educate others. All value is encompassed in these activities. This is the profound realm of Buddhism.

For Today & Tomorrow
Daisaku Ikeda

Daily Wisdom

From the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
Thursday, April 16, 2015

[T’ien-t’ai writes:] ” As practice progresses and understanding grows, the three obstacles and four devils emerge in confusing form, vying with one another to interfere….. One should be neither influenced nor frightened by them. If one falls under their influences, one will be led into the paths of evil. If one is frightened by them, one will be prevented from practicing the correct teaching.” This statement no only applies to me, but also is a guide for my followers. Reverently make this teaching your own, and transmit it as an axiom of faith for future generations.

(WND, 501)
Letter to the Brothers
Written to Ikegami Munenaka and Ikegami Munenaga on April 16, 1275

April 16, 2015

GM —————————–” THE LION KING “——————————-

So far as society is concerned, we should lead lives as serene as warm spring weather. Within the organization, however, maintain strict faith, as uncompromising and severe as autumn frost. We must battle against the forces which cause people unhappiness, with the spirit of a lion king.
(pgs. 77-78)

*GM. Refers to Guidance Memo*
The World Tribune Press 1975
*Chapter Two: Ichinen
Daisaku Ikeda

*Guidance in1975, hold true today, in 2015*

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