May 12, 2015 –TO MY FRIENDS–

12th May
LIFE must be called a perpetual battle with the demon of sickness. It is miserable to be struck down halfway through life by the suffering of illness. Life is a struggle to surmount illness, to be healthy and live long. The fundamental power that makes this possible is the Mystic Law, and our faith in it.
DEMOCRACY is based on the dignity of the individual. Practically speaking the dignity of each individual means, first of all, developing pride in one’s individual spirit and affirming the sanctity of the spirit. It is Buddhism that truly realises this ideal.
STRONG faith enables you to display your wisdom appropriately according to the circumstances, so that you can take advantage of change and move forward in the direction of victory and hope. You will definitely be able to show actual proof of benefit in accord with the Gosho passage: “Those who believe in the Lotus Sutra (Gohonzon) will gather fortune from ten thousand miles afar”.
THERE is no retirement age in faith. Sincere faith never ages. Those who exert themselves for the sake of the Law are ever young. Our heart is what matters most. Let us strive to the end of our days for kosen-rufu.
NICHIREN DAISHONIN wrote: “Strengthen your faith day by day and month after month. Should you slacken in your resolve even a bit, devils will take advantage.” (WND, p997) When we display a slackness or weakness in our resolve, having the attitude of “that’s good enough”, we will be defeated by devilish functions. Not advancing is retreating. Let us keep moving forward vigourously throughout our lives along the path of kosen-rufu.
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May 12, 2015

Leaders of the future,
young men undergoing training
in the Soka-han and Gajo-kai(*)
volunteer support groups!
Do you best to challenge yourselves!
Arduous struggles are our
lifetime treasures.
I ask you seniors in faith to
lend them your wholehearted
support and encouragement!

(*)Soka-han: young men’s traffic and safety group
Gajo-kai: young men’s activity center security group

Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.

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