Buddhism Day by Day for Sunday May 17 , 2015

May 17, 2015

GM —————————————-” COURAGE “——————————–

RECENTLY it’s become fashionable to talk about having guts. Actually, the greatest courage means unyielding faith, because faith encompasses conviction, continual effort and the power of practice. When one chants Daimoku, he discovers the courage to live strongly with integrity.

EVERYONE has his own innate character and personality. Some people are warm-hearted, while others are strong-willed. This is a matter of destiny. However, since cause and effect are simultaneous (INGA-GUJI), once a person embraces the supreme Law, his life is directed toward happiness. He can break through the limitations of his karma and bring out his full potential. This is why the Gohonzon is absolutely necessary.

DURING a meeting of the Suikokai (1) I once asked President Toda about the war between the Genji and Heike (2) clans. I said, “Facing swords and arrows must have been terrifying.” He answered, “If a man truly understands life, he naturally feels fear.” It is human to be afraid and inhuman not to be. It is also natural to feel that war is evil. No one is stronger than the person who has the guts to struggle against war.

A man who knows what to fear and what not to fear and who has conviction is strong. Embracing the Gohonzon requires the greatest courage, which is why our organization requires the greatest courage, which is why our organization is truly strong.

(1) SUIKOKAI – group organized by President Toda to train young men as leaders for the future. At Suikokai meetings, he would explain various points of faith using classic novels and biographies as texts. The group was named after the Chinese classic Suikoden, the first book used for study.

(2) GENJI AND HEIKE – the two most powerful clans in 12th century Japan. The Heike, who ruled the country, indulged in pleasure-seeking and ignored the plight of the masses, and eventually was overthrown by the Genji. (pgs.103-104)

*GM. Refers to Guidance Memo*
The World Tribune Press 1975
*Chapter Two: Ichinen
Daisaku Ikeda

*Guidance in1975, hold true today, in 2015*

Buddhism Day by Day for Sunday May 17 , 2015
Wisdom for Modern Life by Daisaku Ikeda
Wisdom is rooted in the souls of human beings. The way to acquire it is to follow the simple advice of Socrates. “Know thyself.” This is the starting point for the establishment of a sense of human dignity, preventing the degradation of human beings into anonymous, interchangeable cogs in a machine. The essence of true knowledge is self -knowledge.

Daily Wisdom

From the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin,
Sunday, May 17, 2015

THE SUTRA STATES: “If one [of these good men or good women in the time after I have passed into extinction] is able to secretly expound the Lotus Sutra to one person, even on phrase of it, then you should know that he or she is the envoy of the Thus Come One. He has been dispatched by the Thus Come One and carries out the Thus Come One’s work.” Who else but us can this possibly refer to?

(WND, 385)
The True Aspect of All Phenomena
Written to Sairen-bo Nichijo on May 17, 1273

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