May 23, 2015 –TO MY FRIENDS–

23rd May
WE need to rise into action right where we are, with the determination to do everything we can. That is crucial. True happiness is to be found in steadily and sincerely seeking true humanity and self-realisation in daily life. This is the start of building a great life.

IT is important to have the spirit to study the Gosho, to open up the Gosho. Even if you forget what you have read, something profound will have been engraved in the depths of your life.

TO possess both wisdom and compassion is the heart of our human revolution. If you have wisdom alone and lack compassion, it will be a cold, perverse kind of wisdom. If you have compassion alone and lack wisdom, you would not be able to save others. You are even likely to lead them in the wrong direction. You will also be unable to achieve your own happiness.

IT is by dedicating one’s existence to a great cause that one can truly lead a life of value. We are living based on the Mystic Law, the fundamental Law of life. Moreover, we are advancing towards the unprecedented ideal of kosen-rufu which aims to restore humanity and establish peace and security throughout the world. What way of life could be more respect worthy and exalted?

A magnet and a piece of iron which has not been magnetized differ greatly in their ability to attract other pieces of iron or steel. In a similar way, even among those who embrace faith in the Gohonzon, the benefit one receives will differ according to the strength of one’s faith.

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May 23, 2015

Heartfelt prayer and actions for
someone’s sake will be conveyed
and understood without fail.
“I want to encourage that person.”
“I want to make this friend happy!”
Let’s create connections built on trust
with unwavering sincerity.

Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.

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