–TO MY FRIENDS– June 16th, 17th, 18th 2015:

16th June

PLEASE do not spend your youth avoiding hardship and taking the path of least resistance. Please seek out difficult challenges and work hard. And if you are going to take on hardships, let it be for the sake of high ideal. Do not stay closed up in your own tiny shell; pursue your studies with the high ideals of helping your friends and contributing to society and humanity. This is where the true significance of pursuit of learning lies.

IN Buddhism, we say that “the voice does the Buddha’s work”. Fundamentally, this means chanting daimoku. Those who chant daimoku are, in essence, the most eloquent of all people.

FIRM faith and prayer – our deep inner determination or concentration of mind strengthens our life force. When you believe in what is right, when you direct your thoughts in the right direction, you attain the correct faith that leads to happiness. We who practice the True Law possess supreme faith. That is why we are so youthful and full of vigour and energy.

PEOPLE of first-rate character always value friendship and faith highly. Only by deepening and broadening such friendships can we open the door to a new era in history. In this sense, I hope that you will each become a person of profound character. To become a person who lacks depth of mind is the last thing I hope for you.

THERE are many people searching for fame. Such a thing, however, is no more than a dream – an illusion. Genuine happiness cannot be found within the ghost-image of reputation and fame.

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June 16, 2015
Determination must lead to action.
From the moment we say
to ourselves, “All right, I’ll do it!”
let’s commence dynamic action.
Don’t let chance slip by.
Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application

17th June
THOSE with a seeking mind will always feel refreshed, hopeful and filled with joy. We must realize that only through a seeking spirit can we polish and deepen our faith. This is true not only in the realm of faith. In any field of endeavour, everything is determined by one’s seeking mind.

IT is the desire of the original Buddha that each of your families is harmonious and happy. I also sincerely hope that, treasuring your lives and doing your best at your jobs, each of you without exception will lead victorious life. It is for this reason that we carry out our practice of faith.

ALL things have meaning in Buddhism; nothing is wasted. The law of cause and effect is absolute. In some spheres, taking the easy way and avoiding hard work may seem to pay off. However, in Buddhism, the results of all of our unseen efforts and our subtle, invisible ichinen, or inner attitude of mind, are directly manifested in our lives. Therefore, the important thing is to make efforts on our own initiative, whether anyone is watching us or not.

NO one can escape the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death. We all fall ill. We all have times when we are not up to top form. When one does become ill, the important thing is to bring forth strong prayer and wisdom aimed at overcoming that sickness. We should strengthen our life force through chanting dynamic, resonant daimoku, while actively availing ourselves of qualified medical expertise and sound treatment.

HUMILITY means doing your best in your present circumstances and situation, working together harmoniously with those around you. Arrogance, on the other hand, is doing whatever you please, without thinking about anyone else. Arrogance is wrong and will bring one misfortune.

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To My Friends ~

June 17th 2015:

“Youth division members,
make arduous efforts at sharing
Nichiren Buddhism with others!
Men and women’s division members,
work together and give them
wholehearted encouragement!
The unity of the Soka family is
the driving force for spreading
~ Daisaku Ikeda

Daily Encouragement ~

Thursday, June 18, 2015:

“The great American poet Walt Whitman writes in Leaves of Grass: “All comes by the body, only health puts you rapport with the universe.” I am sure you are all very busy, but I hope you will advance in good health and with optimism and enjoy the power of your faith, which is what puts you in rhythm with the universe.”

~ Daisaku Ikeda, SGI President

June 18, 2015


FORMER President Toda once said, “The Gohonzon is indeed great, but
since our practice seems so simple, people can’t believe it works.” For example, when the telephone was invented, people were astonished that it was so easy and convenient. Today, however, we take the telephone and other modern conveniences for granted.

OUT of four billion people in the world today, only 20 million know the power of the Gohonzon. The others are quite unaware of it. People didn’t trust the telephone when it first appeared. Of course the Gohonzon is based on the principle which clarifies the nature of life and is infinitely more profound than the telephone. Perhaps people mistrust it just because of its simplicity, which is a very human reaction. As science develops philosophy advances and the validity of Buddhism becomes more evident, they will understand it readily.

IN the present age of Mappo, the greatest benefit come from creating harmonious unity (Wagoso). In the Zoho period, benefits came from building temples. Today, this means building an organization to achieve Kosen-rufu, which will bring far greater benefits than erecting temples in Zoho. (pp. 150-151)

*GM. Refers to Guidance Memo*
The World Tribune Press 1975
*Chapter Three: Unity
Daisaku Ikeda

*Guidance in1975, hold true today, in 2015*

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