To my friends 29th, 30th June and Daily Encouragement July 1

29th June

ACADEMIC achievement and intellectual ability have nothing to do with attaining Buddhahood. The spirit of faith is what counts. Nichiren Daishonin clearly stated: “It is the heart that is important.”

THOSE who do not value the organization are practicing self-centred faith. With such faith, you cannot expect to receive the truly profound benefits of this practice. Working hard within the organization for people’s happiness and welfare is itself truly noble Buddhist practice. Advancing kosen-rufu and defeating devilish forces is the challenge of the Boddhisattvas of the Earth.

A life that is always filled with appreciation is a bright and cheerful one – be it when you are meeting with people, when someone gives you a lift in his car, or when you are at home with your family. Being able to sincerely offer thanks is a sign of living a truly happy life. Where people embody such a sense of appreciation, they send out waves of happiness that envelop both themselves and others.

THE Ongi Kuden stated, “Belief is like the price and wisdom is like the treasure.” For example, with one dollar of belief, you can obtain only one dollar’s worth of wisdom, whereas if you summon forth ten thousand or one million dollar worth of belief, the wisdom and power you can obtain will increase in like measure. Limitless belief gives rise to limitless wisdom.

TO change one’s miserable destiny and establish a happy state of life takes continual courageous faith. Please advance with powerful, courageous faith and deep confidence in the supreme power of the Gohonzon, towards a life filled with happiness, benefits and hope. –  NichirenDaishoningoshoblog

To My Friends
JUNE 29TH 2015
The young women’s division members
are making a fresh, hope-filled start.
I ask that you create a joyful solidarity
of “flowers” and inspire one another
like bright and cheerful sunlight!(*)
May the springtime of your youth
bring you joy and fulfillment.

(*)Here, the words “flowers” and “sunlight” refer to the Chinese reading of the characters used in the name for the “Kayo-kai” group, which literally means “Flower-Sun Group”and comprises all active young women’s division members.

30th June
I hope you will become the nucleus of efforts to form a truly global family of humanity and further, a global family of humanity that is dedicated to world peace. Please possess this spirit. The important thing is your determination to do so, here and now, just as you are.
SUCCESS, is not a matter of accumulating more of this or that; it is not measured in quantity. It means changing the quality of your life. Wealth, power, fame and knowledge alone cannot make you happy, no matter how much you acquire them. Nor can you take them with you when you die. But by improving the quality of your life you will at last approach true happiness.
THE Daishonin described the Gohonzon as a “cluster of blessings” and went on to state, “The Gohonzon is found in faith alone.” Everything hinges on the strength of one’s faith. If your faith is strong, your life itself will become a cluster of blessings. People of strong faith, therefore, never reach a deadlock. They can transform all situations into benefits, into happiness.
THE Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin expounds that we should not seek a heavenly paradise somewhere outside ourselves. Nor should we seek an emotional escape from reality. The lotus flower of our own life blooms in no other place than in actual society and in our daily existence.
ONE who fails to train his body and mind while young, will in many cases find that his determination and ideals are often destroyed in his later years. Furthermore, it is likely that such a person will turn out to be a complete loser in life.

June 30, 2015
The power of Nichiren Buddhism
enables us to absolutely and
positively transform any karma.
Let’s continue to pray with
great conviction and take action
with an indomitable spirit!
Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.


1st July

IF we take action, we are certain to meet with obstacles. When we overcome them with renewed passion for kosen-rufu, we are able to develop our faith.

SOCIETY is a place of confusion, full of contradictions and collisions of egos. It is precisely in these muddy waters of earthly desires that the state of Buddhahood, in other words, the great flower of absolute happiness, fragrantly blooms forth.

PEOPLE who have powerful life force are happy. People who have strong conviction are happy. They have the ability to take control of their lives, to open up their own paths before them. Weak people, in contrast, are miserable. They bring misery and unhappiness upon themselves. Faith in the Daishonin’s Buddhism enables us to become as strong as we can.

ONLY those who are determined to give their all, to try their very best and make effort upon effort, sparkle with true individuality. Such people can also respect and appreciate others’ individuality. They never try to sabotage other people’s success or pick on people because they are different.

NOW is the time for youth to stand up. It is the Century of Soka Youth. If you are going to try to achieve something, then strive to be the best. Please create a great record of accomplishment that will win the applause and praise of others. Be a presence that inspires reassurance, confidence, a person whose dedicated efforts deeply moved others.

NOTE: New! Visit for Nichiren Daishonin’s gosho, A Gift of Rice.

Daily Encouragement

July 1

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion, Nichiren says (MW-1, 119). It is by chanting powerful daimoku, like a lion’s roar, that we can move the Buddhist deities, the protective forces of the universe. The voice is very important–it has profound power. While naturally being careful not to disturb your neighbors, I hope you will endeavor to chant cheerful and powerful daimoku that reaches all the Buddhist deities and Buddhas throughout the ten directions.

Daisaku Ikeda, SGI President

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