To My Friends ~ June 17th, 18th,19th 2015:

17th June
THOSE with a seeking mind will always feel refreshed, hopeful and filled with joy. We must realize that only through a seeking spirit can we polish and deepen our faith. This is true not only in the realm of faith. In any field of endeavour, everything is determined by one’s seeking mind.

IT is the desire of the original Buddha that each of your families is harmonious and happy. I also sincerely hope that, treasuring your lives and doing your best at your jobs, each of you without exception will lead victorious life. It is for this reason that we carry out our practice of faith.

ALL things have meaning in Buddhism; nothing is wasted. The law of cause and effect is absolute. In some spheres, taking the easy way and avoiding hard work may seem to pay off. However, in Buddhism, the results of all of our unseen efforts and our subtle, invisible ichinen, or inner attitude of mind, are directly manifested in our lives. Therefore, the important thing is to make efforts on our own initiative, whether anyone is watching us or not.

NO one can escape the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death. We all fall ill. We all have times when we are not up to top form. When one does become ill, the important thing is to bring forth strong prayer and wisdom aimed at overcoming that sickness. We should strengthen our life force through chanting dynamic, resonant daimoku, while actively availing ourselves of qualified medical expertise and sound treatment.

HUMILITY means doing your best in your present circumstances and situation, working together harmoniously with those around you. Arrogance, on the other hand, is doing whatever you please, without thinking about anyone else. Arrogance is wrong and will bring one misfortune.

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To My Friends ~

June 17th 2015:

“Youth division members,
make arduous efforts at sharing
Nichiren Buddhism with others!
Men and women’s division members,
work together and give them
wholehearted encouragement!
The unity of the Soka family is
the driving force for spreading

~ Daisaku Ikeda


18th June

ONE should not fall into the trap thinking that just by praying alone, everything will be all right. The true power of prayer is only manifested to its fullest extent when it is accompanied by action. Buddhism is a teaching of reason.

YOUR constant practice for yourself and for others will enable you to lead a true sense of fulfillment in the depths of your life. At the same time, you will greatly develop your life-condition. Such efforts in practice will also allow you to accumulate immeasurable benefits while setting your life on a course towards happiness. Please keep this in mind.

TO actively promote young people of outstanding ability to positions of responsibility, and allow them to give free rein to their potential, accords with the spirit of Buddhism. It is also the spirit of the SGI, and it ought to be the spirit of each member-organisation. The reason for this is that the dynamic activities of young people are the fundamental driving force for fresh development.

HAVING faith in the Gohonzon is important. When we as common mortals chant daimoku with sincere faith, our lives are naturally polished and come to emit the brilliance of Buddhahood. This brilliance is manifested outwardly in our daily lives in the form of benefits and good fortune, and inwardly as refreshing humanity, rich wisdom and vigourous life force.

LIFE is making practical efforts. It is challenging ourselves. It is advancing. Your youth will never come again. Please leave behind some achievement; please create something, as a record of your existence in this world.

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To My Friends
June 18TH 2015

Take the greatest precaution
when driving in rainy weather.
Visibility is reduced and
there is danger of tire slippage.
Let’s absolutely keep from being
inattentive or careless and
remain free of accidents!


19th June

LEARNING is the individual’s inalienable right. As human beings, it is not only our right but also our duty. Please never lose the desire to continue learning throughout your lives!

BEING introvert does not make someone incapable, just as being quick-tempered does not make a person useless. We should live in a way that is true to ourselves. The fundamental aim of Buddhism is to enable us to do that. To advance towards our dreams cheerfully; to courageously work towards achieving them – this is what gives the most sublime meaning and value to our lives.

THOSE who fail to polish themselves, even though they might possess fame or power, invariably end up in a sad and pitiful state. In contrast, no matter how ordinary they may appear, those who have thoroughly polished themselves shine with increasing brilliance as the years go by.

IT is the cry of the spirit from the very depths of a person’s life that shakes and moves other people’s hearts. Similarly, Buddhism is above all concerned with the world of the heart. It expounds the principle that enables us to manifest the infinite power of the spirit. People of faith should strive to become outstanding citizens of their respective countries. There is no need for you to try to imitate others, or force yourself into following any specific pattern of behaviour.

AS you embrace the Gohonzon and continue to carry out your faith correctly towards the final goal of enlightenment, you will naturally find yourself in tune with the profound principles expounded in the Gosho. Please realize that your study of Nichiren Daishonin’s true Buddhism adds substance to your practice of faith, allowing you to advance correctly and confidently.

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To My Friends
JUNE 19TH 2015
If we speak with sincerity,
we can definitely communicate
heart to heart.
Trust shines when conversations
are honest and true.
Come, let’s go among the people!

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