To My Friends – JUNE 26TH, 27TH, 28TH 2015:

26th June

SIMPLY trying to lead a normal life amid the severe realities of modern society will not enable you to change your karma. Breaking the chains of one’s karma requires great energy similar to the thrust needed by a rocket to break the pull of Earth’s gravity and to be launched into outer space. What provides us with this tremendous power is the Mystic Law.

AS far as the fundamental teachings of Buddhism and the Gosho are concerned, I hope that, regarding them as absolutely correct, you will first and foremost strive to put them into practice. I urge you to do so because this is the shortest route to understanding the essence of Buddhism from the depths of your life.

TAKING care of the tasks at hand is important. The main thing is to make your goals clear and then set about achieving them one by one with steady and thorough efforts. It is only through such continuous efforts that we can open up the path before us. We must also never neglect small details.

BEHIND each of us stand not just four billion years of kindness from the Earth, but the compassion of the entire universe since time without beginning. Therefore you must not slander or devalue your life. Life is the most precious of all treasures. Each of you has been given this invaluable gift and each of you is irreplaceable.

By working for kosen-rufu, we become healthy; we become filled with vitality and life force. The great path of eternal hope and victory lies in a life dedicated to kosen-rufu.

To My Friends
JUNE 26TH 2015
Let’s help others transform
“worry” and “resignation” into
“hope” and “courage”!
Encouragement emanating from
a great life force will inspire
our fellow members to change
their inner resolve.
Let’s make wholehearted efforts
to provide guidance and advice
in faith!

27th June
BUDDHIST study is not the mere memorization of theory. Your determination to study is an important aspect of your attitude in faith. You must understand that we study to deepen our faith, to promote kosen-rufu and to progress towards our attainment of Buddhahood.

CLIMBING a mountain entails difficulty. And the higher the mountain is, the greater are the difficulties that a climber faces. However, once he reaches the summit, he will be able to savour a state of mind far greater than that attained by those who handily climb lesser peaks.

LIVE your life so that you can declare, “I have no regrets. I enjoyed my life. I encouraged many others and gave them hope. It was a good life.” The original Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, promised us that this will be the result if we practice correctly, following the principle, “Faith manifests itself in daily life.” The words of the Buddha contain no falsehood.

WE need to cultivate a state of life where we can thoroughly enjoy ourselves at all time. We should have such joy that, even at the time of death, we can declare with a happy smile. Such individuals will be reborn without delay, and in a form and in a place exactly according to their desires.

SPEAK out! The way to victory lies in persistent and thorough dialogue. And let us resolutely build a great force of Bodhisattvas of the Earth who will form the foundation for lasting peace for all human kind!

To My Friends
JUNE 27TH 2015
Every day is a fresh departure and
a new struggle for development.
Advance toward your goals with a
ceaselessly challenging spirit
and compose a golden history
of your life!

28th June
A person who has correct faith is walking the highest path a human being can travel in life. No matter how rich or famous one might be, such things do not last. Without faith, he will eventually feel dissatisfied and experience a sense of emptiness, ultimately ending in misery and loneliness.
TO give up halfway in your practice of faith is like disembarking from an airplane that is in mid-flight. I hope that all of you will become people of courage, who, even if you were to be deserted by others, would persevere in the way of faith that you have determined to follow, to the very end of your lives. If there is even one such person of genuine faith, waves of kosen-rufu will spread far and wide.
ONLY when we practise with correct faith can we activate the power of the Great Law. However sophisticated an aircraft may be, it will not fly smoothly if its pilot is drunk. Mr Toda likened the Gohonzon to a “happiness-manufacturing machine”, but only when we have correct faith can we benefit from the infinite power of the Law and the power of the Buddha.
A saying goes that trying to straighten the horns of a cow could kill the cow. Instead of nit-picking over another’s weaknesses, it is far more valuable to encourage them, giving them hope and enabling them to find goals. Through doing so, we can help someone who is impatient, for example, become someone who cannot wait to take positive action.
THE most precious treasure parents can pass on to their children is faith. No matter how splendidly they hope to raise their children, they are overlooking the most essential area if they neglect to teach them about faith and are caught up in appearances and other superficial matters. Their children will not be able to accumulate good fortune and will encounter defeat in life. –  NichirenDaishoningoshoblog

June 28, 2015
We can open the door
to someone’s heart
by being a good listener.
Let’s understand the situation
and worries of the other person
and engage in sincere, passionate
dialogue that leads to happiness.
Translation of “To My Friends” published in the Seikyo Shimbun, based on President Ikeda’s recent guidance, with universal value and application.

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